Monday, February 24, 2014

BlackBerry Messenger on Windows Phone Present

Good news for all you Windows Phone users . Opening the Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) 2014 that begins today , Monday ( 02/24/2014 ) , in Barcelona , Spain , Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has finally announced the availability of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM ) on the Windows Phone platform .

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" We have added a number of fantastic applications for the Windows Phone ecosystem , including Vine and Instagram , and today we are proud to announce that the fuel is present in the Windows Phone , " Elop said on the occasion of MWC 2014 press event page , as reported by The Inquirer on Monday ( 24 / 2/2014 ) .

In addition to fuel , Elop also announced the Adobe Photoshop Express app for Windows Phone . This step , according to Elop , a Microsoft real action in building a mobile operating system ecosystem that rivals iOS and Android duopoly .

Nokia itself but still rely on the Windows Phone platform to be adopted in its product line , but in the MWC title this year they also launched the first Android smartphone .

( see also: lomba burung 2014 )

Not just one , Nokia actually introduced at the same three Android smartphones , namely Nokia X Series , Nokia X + and Nokia XL .