Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Duplication Budget Not Only in the Department of Education and Department of Public Works

Inflation of the budget or budget doubles not only occur at the Department of Education and Department of Public Works , but also on the working unit (SKPD ) other . Value reached Rp 1.8 trillion of the total budget of Rp 72 trillion .

Head of Financial Management Agency ( BPKD) Widjajanti Endang said , usually the budget duplication occurs in allied unit .

" For example, many programs similar to the Tax Office , the Department of Public Works to the Department of Housing Building Jakarta administration , the Department of Transportation , Department of Spatial Planning at the Department of Building Control ( P2B ) , " said Endang , at City Hall on Tuesday ( 22/4 / 2014 ) .

Duplication budget on education it was because each device and unit area ( UKPD ) does not have a good design and do not coordinate well with each other .

Endang explained , there is some duplication in the budget models . First similar budgeting SKPDs the same and different . For example , on education has allocated a budget for certain activities , it turns out similar activities budgeted also by other officials.

Second , the presence of saturation budget . For example , back to budget the procurement of goods and services , whereas the need is not urgent .

" For example , this year's budget for the purchase of stationery . Generally facts on the ground , still the stuff , yes crossed out the budget , " said Endang .

Third , the value of the budget irrational or unreasonable . Fourth , to name the different budget , but that budget allocations similar purpose .

This year there are about 72,000 in the capital budget items . Other problems are still many officers at the village , district , and UKPD who do not understand the accounting information system . Because, so far , officials at village, district , and others are still accustomed to manual bookkeeping .

To anticipate inflation of the state budget and losses , the city government began to implement e - budgeting system starting this year . Even so , the risk is high usage Budget Surplus ( Silpa ) 2014.
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" It does not matter if you end up unused budget , rather than one designation and suffered losses to the state , " said Endang .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Alumni ITB Declare Support for Jokowi

Approximately 500 an alumni of the Institute of Technology Bandung ( ITB ) expressed support for the presidential candidate of the PDI - P Joko Widodo . In a declaration submitted on Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) in Jakarta , ITB alumni community determined to win Jokowi became President from 2014 to 2019 .

" We believe that Jokowi will give priority to dialogue rather than monologue . Shun us from fear and terror , humanity and uphold respect for human rights . Provide equal opportunity to everyone and make sure nothing is overlooked in efforts to improve people's welfare , " said Ammarsjah Alumni Community Coordinator ITB .

The declaration followed the alumni from 1970 to 2005 from various departments , he said , departing from outstanding concerns of the alumni associated the names of presidential candidates that appeared during the legislative elections . They assess Jokowi the only presidential candidate who has never been involved past sins .

Furthermore Ammar said , the problems facing Indonesia today is the result of past mistakes . Therefore , he said , people probably will not restore this country to those people of the old order .

" Most of us here once initiated petitions against Suharto . Jokowi Today with the support , in other words we make petitions against Suharto 's son . Avoid ten years from now we make petitions against Soeharto 's grandson , " he said .

Although many doubted the ability Jokowi , this community is looking at the nation's problems can not be solved by one person in one period . " Let us not allergic to the power and leave opportunities for improvement . Said Jokowi If anyone does not have the vision we do not agree . How can people who do not have the vision to work to organize the city of Solo and Jakarta like that , " he said again .
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Related rejection of a number of students of ITB to Jokowi few days ago , other alumni , Firdaus Ali said this declaration had nothing to do with the rejection. He also reiterated this support will not be instantaneous momentum . " Today we express support , if later Jokowi disappointing we will meet again to straighten her , " he said .


In Lebak, A Woman Alone deprived Family

Had to get a pathetic treatment , a patient suffering from a mental disorder deprived victims initials YT ( ​​28 ) Pasirtangkil Village residents , District Warunggunung , Lebak , Banten province was finally released from the shackles of stocks and evacuated to receive medical rehabilitation treatment at the Mental Hospital ( RSJ ) Dr. . Suharto Herdjan , Sky View , Jakarta .

Evacuation of a childless woman is carried Volunteer team Anti airborne ( RAP ) Maternity Hospital ( RSB ) Jewel 's mother , Pandeglang with RSJ Roving Unit Psychiatry Sky View , Jakarta attending the patient's family residence in Kampung Kare'es , Thursday ( 17/4 ) afternoon at around 14:50 pm .
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According to Ena ( 25 ) YT younger brother , the family was forced to shackle the feet YT with wooden beams behind his house , because often raging and always wanted to run away from home .

" Since two months ago my brother had an accident , so his leg wounds and severe stress condition . But if deprived of such new two weeks , "said Ena .
He said the leg wound treated YT actually being pursued both in the hospital and through the local health officer , but never healed . "If in the house , dianya often raging and banging his wound , so that the wound does not heal , " he explained .

Ena revealed , his family had to face the disaster experienced prustasi YT , before finally heard from the local clinic staff if his brother would soon be taken to the psychiatric hospital for intensive care Sky View .

Chairman of Psychiatry Roving Team Sky View RSJ , dr . Isa Multazam , Sp.KJ who came to say , in a state other than the state YT stuck when the beam is found the patient 's legs are injured . " There's like a broken leg , broken bones just closed . I think the patient can still be taken to the hospital , " said dr . Isa Multazam accompanied Baros Nurses Health Center , Warunggunung subdistrict , Lebak Enah Nurjanah .

The Mental Health Specialist Doctor says , YT handling will be done by two phases of wound healing physical and mental treatment . "I'll go in first hospitalization because no wound pain , and then handling mental , " said Head Installation RSJ Keswamas the Sky View .

He added that , based on information from the patient's family and the cases are found in people , a lot of practice deprivation occurs because of aggressive behavior with mental disorders are often feared membayakan raging and safety of others , as well as his own family members .
Many cases of deprivation

Meanwhile , the Anti airborne Volunteer Coordinator ( RAP ) Hj . May Wijaya , SKM , MARS said , what happened to YT still prevalent in society . " Deprivation experienced by many families going on mentally ill people , not just here , " said volunteer who actively seek stocks victim to the region 's Pandeglang and Lebak .

He thinks the family decision shackle people with mental disorders due to a lack of information regarding the prohibition of the deprivation practices in violation of Human Rights ( HAM ) . " It's also because they still lack access to mental health services that should be known to the citizens , " said May that claimed hundreds of victims have been deprived of the volunteers were released in the last two years .

May reveal , in this day 6 it also frees the deprivation of other victims who were in the area Pandeglang . " Victims of deprivation that we will be freed and evacuated to a psychiatric hospital in the district spread Bojong , Cimanuk , Kaduhejo , Karangtanjung and District Pandeglang , " he said .

May asserts , deprived victims will receive intensive psychiatric care and under the full supervision of a doctor for a mental health professional in the psychiatric hospital , Sky View , Jakarta . Even after recovering , he continued , the patient will be delivered back home to their families by the RSJ Sky View . " They are all free of charge , simply complete the requirements of a family card ( KK ) , Identity Card ( KTP ) and the local health center and Card Referral BPJS , " said volunteer 's mother Jewel was made ​​by RSB .


Friday, April 18, 2014

TNI members Loggers Threatened Forests 10 Years in Prison

TNI members Loggers Threatened Forests 10 Years in Prison
TOKYO - Members of the TNI , Master Sergeant ( Sergeant ) Sudikdo , who became the boss of illegal logging in Riau were tried in the Military Court of the I - 03 in Padang , West Sumatra .

Military Judge Advocate , Marine Lt. Col. KH I Komang Suciawan , read the indictment to the sergeant Sudikdo before Chief Judge Lt. Col. CHK Kirto with members SUS Yanto Ferdiayanto Major and Major CHK Musthofa .
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The Assembly declared , Sudikdo is forest encroachers in Tasik Serai Village , District Edge , Bengkalis , Riau .

" At the time of operation of Army intelligence team of Korem 031 Wira Milky find logs that have been rectangular with a length of three meters , " said Prosecuting Attorney .

Witness Sergeant Sermardi said , according to the local communities that belong to sergeant Sudikdo timber .

" The wood is pulled by a boat passing through the trench pompons engine , already tied - belt length . The wooden ties approximately 600 meters . Polynomial , "said Sermardi .

When securing the timber , intel team met with members of the rank of corporal . " We invited directly to the stalls to eat noodles and drink . The defendant stated in the wood shop is on the order Danrem , "said Semardi .

However , when the witness told the defendant that they diperintahk Danrem to investigate the origin of the wood . " The defendant went , security continues to be done . After the timber was transported to Makorem , we resumed combing the area , " he said .

The result is known at logging sites still exist chainsaw chainsaws , tractors and other equipment .

Chief Judge Lt. Col. CHK Kirto , asking witnesses presented testimony from the defendant's trial counsel . " Is it true witness like that? " He asked Sudikdo .

Sudikdo denied if the wood was hers . " I never said that the timber belongs to me . That's just my mind sir judge , " he said .

Judge Advocate Marine Lt. Col. KH I Komang Suciawan explained , according to witness testimony that cleared the area of approximately 1,200 hectares defendant allegedly conservation area .

" The perpetrator was arrested on March 13, 2013 . So this is not a case of forest fire case in 2014 , but illegal logging , " he said at the break .

According to I Komang , the case was still being developed to determine whether the defendant participated burn forest or not . In addition , the defendant also still entangled case of hoarding fuel in Riau in 2005 .

" In this trial the defendant in the meshes of Article 78 paragraph 2 and 5 , Act No. 41 of 1999 on Forestry and Article 56 of the Criminal Code of the threat of 10 years in prison and a fine of Rp 5 billion , " he said .

Session presented seven witnesses , five of the military and two civilians , one of them the head of the local village .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Scientists: Artists Have Unique Brain Structure

A new study finds , the artist appears to have structurally different brains than people who are not steeped in the art world . NeuroImage published studies show , the talent of an artist can be a congenital .

" Notwithstanding that , exercise and discipline acquired from the environment certainly plays an important role in honing the skills of artists , " said one of the researchers involved in the study , Dr. Rebecca Chamberlain , as quoted by the BBC , Thursday ( 17/4 ) .

Belgium 's Leuven University scientists said that his team has examined the brain 21 students explore the science of art . Then compare it to the brain nonseniman 23 students .

This study uses a scanning method called voxel - based morphometry . The result is an art student has more nerve elements in areas that control fine motor movements and visual imagery in their brain .

"People who are able to draw or paint well , seems to really have a structure that is more developed in some parts of their brains . Especially in areas that control memory performance procedural or fine motor skills , " he explained .

In addition , Chamberlain said , the scan results also reveal that the artist has a number of gray matter is more significant in the region called the precuneus in the parietal lobes of their brains .
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" This region is involved in a variety of functions related to creativity . Such as the ability to manipulate , combine , and analyze visual images in your brain , " he said .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Proven Ahok words, Gerindra outperform MCC in Jakarta

Tjahaja Basuki Purnama never challenged young cadres who oppose MCC became Governor of Jakarta , to see the voting results that will outperform MCC Gerindra in Jakarta in 2009 legislative elections . Greeting Vice Governor of Jakarta was proved .

Based on the manual calculation in Jakarta KPU coming up on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) night , the MCC is in the order of three , both for seats on the City Council and the House of Representatives . Gerindra are in it , the second order .

For the vote on the election of the City Council , Gerindra get 14.17 percent of the vote , equivalent 355 843 votes, while the MCC to 9.34 percent of the vote , equal voice 234 467 .

The vote for the House of Representatives , Gerindra 13.59 percent of the vote , equal voice 341 698 . MCC received 10.71 percent of the vote , equal voice 269 417 .

On Tuesday , the valid votes that have been recapitulated in Jakarta KPU reached 2,514,588 and 2,510,665 for the election of the House of Representatives votes for city council seats . The data will be combined with the incoming voice data on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) and other sounds that have not been entered .

Previously , Basuki asserted that he was not discouraged by the rejection made ​​by a group of people to plan her appointment as the governor of Jakarta . The man who was familiarly called this Ahok firmly stated that he is not a politician " yesterday afternoon " which sank when bullied .

" They forget Ahok was not born today . Ahok was already ngalamin from 2003 , when the UN was attacked in East Belitung ( Crescent Star Party ) . They forget Ahok 's been ten years as it is pressed . So , which is too small and too subtle game , "said Basuki , at City Hall on Wednesday ( 26/03/2014 ) .

Basuki assess if a group of people who reject most only come from the MCC . At that time , he challenged the party to compete with Gerindra in the upcoming election .
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" That 's just not like MCC . PKS tests only at Gerindra , who later won in Jakarta , " he said .


Analyst: Windows XP Still ATM Safe Used

REDMOND - Operating system Windows XP dead leaves of various concerns due to system vulnerabilities from viruses and malware . The most terrible is the ATM machine operating system Windows XP . But should we be worried ?

As is known , in early 2014 BussinesWeek reports said as many as 95 percent of ATM machines around the world still run Windows XP . Today, some reports said some banks had to upgrade to his ATM machine . From Windows XP to a newer OS .

Windows XP no longer receive security protection from Microsoft feared could be exploited by cyber criminals on the ATM machine . The bank's customers can also feared stolen account numbers and pin numbers then drained his savings . But actually like what facts ?
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An expert from the UK banking for Wincor Nixdorf working , Ian Byrne , said ATMs with Windows XP operating system will remain secure even if the operating system itself has expired since the last 8 April 2014 .

" Working with Microsoft , the company embed the Windows XP operating system that is specific to the ATM machine , " said Byrne . " We have a series of security system to lock full access . Anyone during this case happens to hacking ATMs with Windows XP operating system ? " Byrne further doubt , as quoted by the Guardian , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Byrne said that the ATM horrors Windows XP operating system was grossly overstated . " Look at the context. At regular computer , use the email service , Office , and web browsing . , But Windows XP does not have ATM outgoing connections are like in general , and it is perfectly adequate as a secure key . The company did not connect to the internet bank open , they use their own network , " he said .

Therefore , further Byrne , upgrade to Windows 7 or even Windows 8 is somewhat less efficient to do banking business . " We have not seen any benefit from this migration ( migration to Windows XP ) , " added Byrne .