Monday, March 31, 2014

HTC M8 Launched in May?

TAIWAN - a mini version of the vendor's flagship smartphone is no longer news. HTC was rumored to return to repeat the same scheme by presenting a mini version of its newest flagship smartphone .

After the Taiwanese company launched One M8 , a mini version of the device will reportedly be followed . Retail sources in the UK revealed that the M8 mini One HTC will slide in May 2014 , after his brother first marketed . As reported by Phone Arena , Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) . (see also: waptrick)

Unfortunately the price of this smartphone is not yet known .

For specifics , including the 4.5 -inch touch screen ( 720 x 1280 pixels ) , a 1.7GHz quad - core Snapdragon processor 400 , 1GB of RAM , 16GB of internal memory , and a 13 megapixel rear camera with no lens and dual Ultrapixel technology . In addition , the smartphone is rumored to be presenting the operating system ( OS ) Android 4.4 with Sense UI 6.0 KitKat .

HTC will provide a touch of luxury to this smartphone . Instead of using plastic material , called M8 One will have a metal design . (see also: aplikasi android terbaru)

HTC Mini Version M8 Present?
In the official blog have Telia, as reported by Ubergizmo, Friday (03/28/2014), mentioned there are some phones that features HD voice. Some HTC devices like HTC (M7), One Max, One Mini, Desire referred to as mobile phones have those features. But there are also names listed M8 mini phone.

source:http://www. okezone .com/

Friday, March 14, 2014

British girl eating hooked rugs and sofas

British girl eating hooked rugs and sofas
Charlotte Cook , a four -year-old girl Lesmahagow , Lanarkshire , United Kingdom , has autism and Pica syndrome ( likes to eat things other than food ) so she was fond of eating carpet and sofa in her house .
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The Daily Mail newspaper reported on Thursday ( 13/3 ) , Charlotte 's mother , Nikki , to worry about their children 's habits .

" My daughter could not stop eating the couch and carpet , " said Nikki . He was afraid that his son could die .

Charlotte really liked the fabric so that she loved playing and holding her doll .

" He pulled a cloth couch or carpet it with his teeth and swallow it , " said Nikki . She and her husband were very surprised to learn that their daughter started eating the carpet since she was a year . So far doctors have not been able to treat Charlotte .

Pica syndrome characterized by joy to eat things like ice , clay , chalk , dust , or sand . This syndrome affects about 10 to 30 percent of children with autism at the age of one to six years and may cause choking , digestive problems , and infections .

" He also tried to eat the TV remote and the car seat . Problem is she does not remember doing so , " said Nikki . (see also: vitamin burung)

Children with the condition may experience Pica health cases such as poisoning .

Source:http://www. merdeka .com/

Thursday, March 6, 2014

History of the Garden

Bogor Botanical Gardens was originally a part of samida ( Artificial Jungle or Garden Artificial ) which is at least an Existing Government In Baduga Sri Maharaja ( King Siliwangi , 1474-1513 ) of the Kingdom of Sunda , As Written In Batutulis inscription . Artificial Jungle It Intended To Protect Environmental Sustainability Interest Area For Wood Preserving Rare Seeds . On the Side samida was contrived Also samida Same Border With Bogor Cianjur ( Jungle Ciung Wanara ) . This jungle After the Kingdom of Sunda Then Skipped defeat of the Sultanate of Banten , until the Governor -General Van Der Capellen Build Holiday Home In Between The angle in the mid - 18 .
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In the early 1800s the Governor -General Thomas Stamford Raffles , The Occupy Bogor Palace And Has Great Interest In Botany , Page Developing Interested Bogor Palace Gardens The Something So Beautiful . With the Relief Some Specialist Botany , W. Kent , The Co- Build Kew Garden in London , Raffles Juggle Home Garden Palace So Stylish British Classics . This is the Bogor Botanical Gardens Originally Had In Current Form .

In Th . 1814 Olivia Raffles ( wife of Governor -General Thomas Stamford Raffles ) Death Due to Pain And Buried In Batavia . As perpetuation , Monument For him Established In Bogor Botanical Gardens .

Incorporation Inspiration Botanical Beginning Of A Life That Abner Experts Writing Letters On The Governor General GAG Ph . Van Der Capellen . Desires Revealed In Letter That Wants To Land A piece Can Make Useful Plants Gardens , Area Teacher Education , Plant And Collection For Development Other gardens .

Prof . Karl Georg Caspar Reinwardt That Someone Holder Germany The Netherlands Turning Into And So scientists Botany And Chemistry . Then he was appointed Minister of Agriculture So , Art , And Science And Knowledge In Java And Surrounding . He Attracted Investigate Various Plants That Used To Healing . He Took Decision To Raise Whole Plant Something In Bogor Botanical Gardens , The Time That Mean Buitenzorg ( From Bhs Netherlands The Meaningful No Need to Worry ) . Also Reinwardt So Pioneers in the Field of Creation Herbarium . He Then Known As A Founder Bogor-based .

Bogor Botanical Gardens
In Th . May 18, 1817 , the Governor -General Godert Alexander Gerard Philip Van Der Capellen With Official Build the Garden With Name ' S Lands Plantentuin Te Buitenzorg . Plugging swing stance Begins With First Hoes On Earth Padjadjaran For Development The construction Alerts Gardens That , The Implementation Led By Reinwardt Alone , Aided By James Hooper And W. Kent ( From Kew Gardens 's Hot In Richmond , UK ) .

More than 47 hectares of land in Bogor Palace And More Less samida Used To Make The First Botanic Gardens . So Reinwardt His First Steering From 1817 Until 1822. The use of This Opportunity To Raise Plants And Seeds From the Other Side of the archipelago . With Immediate Bogor Agricultural Development Center And So Horticulture in Indonesia . At the moment It is estimated that more than 900 plants planted in the garden of Life .

In Th . Return to the Netherlands in 1822 Reinwardt And Replaced By Dr . Carl Ludwig Blume Inventory What Do Plants Grow In Gardens Collections . He Also Develop The First Successful Gardens catalog number 912 Logged Type ( Species ) Plant . It is used to process Gardens Development Stalled Due to Lack of Funds Initiated But Then Again By Johannes Elias Teysmann ( 1831 ) , A Governor 's Palace Garden Experts General Johannes Van Den Bosch . With Assisted By Karl Justus Hasskarl , he Planting Plants Perform Collection Elompokkan According to Tribe ( Familia ) .

Teysmann Then Replaced By Dr . Rudolph Herman Christiaan Carel Scheffer In Th . 1867 So Director , And Then Followed By Prof . Dr. . Melchior Treub .

The establishment of the Bogor Botanical Gardens Can It says Starting Change Science And Knowledge In Indonesia . Here Born majority Institute of Science and Other Knowledge , As Bibliotheca Bogoriensis ( 1842 ) , Bogor-based ( 1844 ) , Cibodas Botanical Garden ( 1860 ) , Laboratory Treub ( 1884) , as well as well as the Museum of Zoology Laboratory ( 1894 ) .

On May 30, 1868 Date of Bogor Botanical Garden Officially Separated By The governing With Page Bogor Palace .

In the first garden Just It Can Used As Garden Experiments for Plantation Crops that can be introduced to the Dutch East Indies ( Now Indonesia ) . But On The change Also Used As Case Research Scientist At That Period ( 1880-1905 ) .

Bogor Botanical Gardens Natural Always Meaningful Change Under the leadership of Dr. Yang . Carl Ludwig Blume ( 1822 ) , Je . And Dr. Teijsmann . Hasskarl ( Ages Governor General Van Den Bosch ) , JE Teijsmann And Simon Binnendijk , Dr . R. H. C. C. Scheffer ( 1867 ) , Prof. . Dr. . Treub Melchior ( 1881 ) , Dr . Koningsberger Christiaan Jacob ( 1904) , Van Den Hornett ( 1904) , as well as Prof . Ir . Koestono Setijowirjo (1949 ) , The Indonesian man Called First Served The Lead Agencies Research The International Standard .

In Time Leadership Characters That It's Done Making Activities Catalog About the Garden , Complete Recording Subject Collections Plants Cryptogamae , 25 species of gymnosperms , 51 As well as the 2200 Endangered Species Monocotyledonae Dicotyledonae , Absolute Business Economics Introduction to Plant In Indonesia , Collection of Plant - Plant Useful For Indonesia ( 43 Type , Among Vanilla , Coconut Oil , Quinine , gutta-percha , Cane , Cassava , Maize From America , Iron Wood From Palembang well as Borneo ) , And Developing Internal Institutional ermm Namely :

Botany laboratory
garden Experiments
laboratory of Chemistry
Pharmaceutical laboratory
Botanical Branch In Sibolangit , Deli Serdang And In Purwodadi , Pasuruan
And Photographic Library Administration
The establishment of the Academy of Sciences And Fisheries Office ( Ancestor Will Ipb ) .
During the Bogor Botanical Gardens trip Historically Having Various Names And Nicknames, like

' S Lands Plantentuin  (see also: pakan burung parkit)
Syokubutzuer ( Japanese Occupation Period )
Of Buitenzorg Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden Of Indonesia
Gede garden
Houses Gardens