Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Authority Banggar Circumcised, Faster Budget Discussion

Director General of Budget , Ministry of Finance , Askolani said , changes to the authority of the Budget Committee House of Representatives ( DPR ) after the Constitutional Court decision will have implications for the discussion of the draft Budget Amendment 2014.

Askolani called the plus side , the budget discussion will be more time efficient because detail matters such as the type and activity of ministries / agencies no longer need to be discussed and discussed at the meeting Banggar .

" So yes hopefully it can save time as well . If the council to discuss the details of it will take time , if you really want to be explored and discussed , "he met at the Parliament House , Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

Askolani said , after the state budget bill diketok , by following the new mechanism then no longer need to have a discussion with Banggar . " So for example, spending K / L changes , the discussion in the House of Representatives only to the program , not to be discussed again until the type and activity , " he said .
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Previously reported , the Court cut Banggar authority to grant in part the petition Act ( Act) No. 27/2009 on the MPR , DPR, and DPD ( MD3 ) and Law No. 17/2003 on State Finance .

According to the decision , the authority Banggar in discussing the budget should be limited so as not to discuss things that are very detailed on the unit three . The Court also cut actual spending authority of Parliament in the budget to give asterisk .

The Court stated , in setting the budget and the State Budget ( Budget ) , Banggar function should not be too far in making budget planning . Banggar can only give persetujuaan over the plan proposed by the president .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Airin Attend Husband Demands trial at the Corruption Court

South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmy Diany watch the trial the charges against her husband , Tubagus Chaeri aka Henry Ward , in the Court of Criminal Acts of Corruption (Corruption ) , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) . Airin sitting in the middle seat courtroom wearing a green shirt with floral and brown veil .

Airin who wear glasses seem to listen to the public prosecutor read out the Corruption Eradication Commission file charges against her husband . Previously , Airin who often accompanied Henry wished her husband prosecuted for alleged bribery fair administration of the election dispute Lebak , Banten . He claimed to be present in his capacity as a wife .

" I respect the legal process and I 'll beg fairest prosecutor and the judge all judges as well , " said Airin .
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The public prosecutor is still recited Commission lawsuit inactive sister Banten Governor Atut Chosiyah it . In this case , Henry claimed to give Rp 1 billion to a lawyer named Susie Andyani tour to bribe the then Chairman of the Constitutional Court , Akil Mochtar .

The money was to win the election dispute filed Lebak candidate regent and his deputy , Amir Hamzah - Kasmin . Commissioner of PT Bali Pacific Pragama ( PT BPP ) denied having any interest in the election dispute to the Valley and its business .

Henry admitted he was not willing to provide financial assistance requested Amir . However , he felt trapped and claimed Amir urged by Susie who is a lawyer Amir . " Yes , Susie , is not urgent , he talked everywhere . Mr. Amir also . He says Mr. Akil angry . Condition I face the problem like people are confused , " said Henry is currently undergoing examination at the defendant's trial .

Husband South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diany finally just willing to give Rp 1 billion from the initial request Akil Rp 3 billion . Henry also denied willingness to provide help for the command of his brother, ATUT .

In addition , the indictment also called Henry gave Rp 7.5 billion to the company account Akil CV Queen Samagat wife . This money is given in stages after the lawsuit Bantam won the election results mate Rano Karno - ATUT .

Henry denied that money to bribe Akil Banten election -related disputes . According to him , the money for the benefit of the oil palm business with Akil .


Friday, May 23, 2014

North Korea denies South Korean Warship Shoot

North Korea Friday declined as " nonsense " accusations Seoul that it fired the bullets at a South Korean warship near the previous day .

Seoul 's defense ministry said two bullets crashed about 150 meters from the South Korean Navy corvette patrolling the tense western sea border on Thursday .

The ship was not damaged and responded by firing five shells into waters near the North Korean military ship .

" The fact verified that naval ships puppet state , which is very barged into our waters under the pretext of controlling the fishing boat of China , opened fire haphazardly and lied that we had shot first . This is a hoax , " said Front Command West North Korea's military said in a statement .
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" All forces under the command of the Western Front are well prepared to destroy the cruel provocative actions performed by the puppet military gangsters on behalf of all the people" .

He said he then promised to change the tense sea border area into a "graveyard " for the South Korean Army .

The incident comes after a South Korean naval vessel fired warning shots on Tuesday , after three North Korean patrol boat crossed the sea border .

North Korea later Wednesday threatened to launch attacks against warships South Korea without the slightest warning from provocative actions , and claimed the North Korean patrol boat that control of illegal Chinese fishing boats in the disputed northern border .

North Korea does not recognize the Northern Limit Line as the sea border , drawn unilaterally by the United Nations in the Yellow Sea and the U.S. at the end of the Korean War .

The location was a short and bloody clashes between the navies of both countries in 1999 , 2002 and 2009 .

In March , the North fired hundreds of bullets in live ammunition drills near sea border .

About 100 shells fell into the territorial waters of South Korea , and Seoul reply with bullet shots into North Korean waters .

Cross- border tensions have been rising for months and both sides have upped their verbal cross on the discovery of a drone that crashed recently in the South Korean border .

Seoul said a joint investigation with U.S. analysts have provided evidence of "smoking gun " that the drone coming from the North .

Pyongyang emphatically denied the engagement .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kidnapping Victim Found After 10 Years

A woman who disappeared 10 years ago in the United States when he was 15 years old and finally found to be still alive in the State of California . To the police , she said she had been abducted , held captive , sexually abused , and forced into marriage by a man who was once her mother's boyfriend . The man has now been arrested by police .

The woman , now 25 years old , was abducted in Santa Ana , in southeast Los Angeles ( LA ) , in 2004 by a man who lived with them and his mother 's boyfriend .

The woman finally dared to call the police and the police then arrested the suspect identified as Isidro abductor Garcia ( 41 years ) . According to Santa Ana police said in a statement on Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) , the victim , whose identity was not immediately disclosed , had a chance to escape during the last decade , but he " did not see any way out of the situation " .
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In 2007 , Garcia alleged to have forced her to get married and in 2012 , they had a child .

The brave women finally appeared after recently contacted her sister on Facebook , and " finally get the courage to contact the police . Similarly, the statement said .

Garcia , who lives in Bell Gardens , about 40 miles from Santa Ana in the suburbs of Los Angeles , arrested on charges of kidnapping and rape , sex with minors , and confinement .

The woman disappeared in August 2004 with Garcia . " Garcia drugging the victim and took him to a house in Compton ( remote area in south LA ) , " police said . Once there , he was making false identity documents for the girl and locked in a garage all night to prevent escape of victims . Similarly, the statement added .

" For months and years that followed , Garcia repeatedly told the victim that his family had stopped looking for him , and if he tries to get back to them , their families will be deported . "

Both moved several times to evade a police search .

" Garcia frequent physical and sexual violence to the victim , " police said , adding that Garcia could arrange both work night for cleaning service so that he could keep an eye on the victim .

" While there is a chance to escape , after years of physical and mental violence , the victim did not see any way out of the situation and live with Garcia under physical and mental abuse continuing , " the statement added .

A former neighbor told the LA Times that he never spoke with the victim's mother , shortly before she disappeared . " I talked to his mother about God , " said Silvia Suarez ( 54 years ) . "He said he was having problems with her ​​partner . Daughter seduce his girlfriend convinced him . "

The case has echoes of the three young women were held captive for a decade in Cleveland , Ohio , and was released last year after one of them managed to escape . Their captors , Ariel Castro , were killed hanged himself in prison in September .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Surgery PKPU mosque outside Java

During the week from 14 to 20 May 2014, the National Humanities Institute PKPU mosque staged a cleanup program in three Indonesian regions outside Java . The third area is Gowa Makassar , Tarakan in East Kalimantan , North Sumatra and Medan .

PKPU center and the branch continues to help Muslims across Indonesia in order to carry out worship in comfort , one of them by repairing damaged mosque so that it becomes more feasible pakai.Juga provide supplies equipment , such as carpet , fan, wudlu , and other - other .

" Fulfilling the rights of fellow Muslims worship a shared responsibility . Complete religious facilities and conducive make hearts find satisfaction , " said Ivan Knight , PKPU Program Manager , in a press release on Tuesday ( 20/5 ) .
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M Earlier , representatives of the citizens of Gowa , say aid cleanup of this mosque , is one example of harmony and form PKPU Humanities Institute and the community . Further enhance the sense of community has and continues to increase religious activities in the mosque

As at Masjid An - Nur , Tarakan , West Kalimantan , on the night pascapengecatan and mounting lights , sunset worshipers doubled . Ta'mir Masjid An Nur reminded that the whole congregation pray for all those who have helped , especially prayer blessing for PKPU donors .

Until now that has dibenah mushala totaled 73 units , spread over 20 provinces , ranging from Aceh to Maluku . In the near future PKPU will target areas of Papua , NTT , and Bali .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

WhatsApp Missing from the Windows Phone Application Stores

WhatsApp instant messaging service on Saturday ( 17.05.2014 ) disappeared from the Windows Phone app store . As of Monday morning ( 19/05/2014 ) , the application also can not be found in the Windows Phone Store .

From the observation KompasTekno , search the Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 only lead to the phrase " We could not find a match . Try a different spelling or search term . "

While in the Windows Phone Store web page for the application WhatsApp , it said that the application is no longer published ( This app is no longer published ) .

Quoted from the Windows Phone Central ( 05/18/2014 ) , the elimination of WhatsApp to tell that the application of the Windows Phone Store was intentional . According WhatsApp , the cause is a technical reason . However WhatsApp does not explain in detail the technical obstacles such as what is meant .
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WhatsApp only say that it is currently collaborating with Microsoft to overcome these obstacles and hopes to return to the app store soon

" We apologize to users for this temporary inconvenience , " wrote WhatsApp in a statement .

Users who have downloaded WhatsApp can still use the service normally. However, the application temporarily can not be downloaded from the Windows Phone afternoon before WhatsApp managed to overcome the technical obstacles .

Previously , the application WhatsApp on Windows Phone 8.1 platform do get a lot of bug reports , because the application is technically still a " developer preview . " Most likely , the problem of handling his WhatsApp was before Windows Phone 8.1 officially released on 24 June.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ridwan Kamil: Still Many officials are yet Can Use Twitter

Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil revealed , until now there are still some officials of the City Government ( City Government ) Bandung who can not , even yet have a Twitter account . In fact , the man who is familiarly called Emil has been obliging to all officers below the Bandung municipal government to be able to communicate with the public through social media .

"I have enjoined no official or civil servant who does not have a Twitter account , either official or private , to be able to communicate to the bottom , " said Emil at Lombok Street , City of London , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Emil added , so that there is no official internet blind , he ordered Diskominfo Bandung to provide regular internet tutoring to all civil servants in the ranks of Bandung City Government . In the weekly lessons , the participants were also taught to use social media .
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" Because there are many who do not have and can not , so we have a program with Diskominfo internet training routine , " he said .

Emil explain , compulsory Bandung municipal government officials and on education to have a Twitter account and other social media are part of Bandung City Government program in terms of disclosure of information and communication and speed up service complaints . According to him , the system has begun to attract the attention of those running other cities .

" Open communication is in great demand by many cities as London offices has his official Twitter account and proactively respond to and report on the basis of photography as well , " he said .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Indonesia Could Be Great Powers in Southeast Asia, Origin ..

The strength of the Indonesian economy slowly shows his strength . It was believed to be the Chairman of the Indonesian Regional Representatives Council ( DPD ) , Irman Gusman .

" Actually, we are a major force in Southeast Asia and can be stronger along good governence repaired , " he said in Jakarta , Friday ( 2/5 ) .
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According to him , governence good repair can be done by doing the eradication of corruption . Good governence also will be stronger when the system through prevention rather reflesif alone . When we do all , he added , Indonesia could become larger and more advanced .

Indonesia opportunity to talk a lot in Asia is not impossible . Irma said that Indonesia belongs to the Asian country that is able menghelat world economic growth .

" Asia is a very dynamic region dalah menghelat growth potential driven world China, India and Southeast Asia . Indonesia in this regard ( Southeast Asia ) became a major force , " he explained .

Malaysian opposition leader , Anwar Ibrahim also recognizes the strength of the Indonesian economy . He said Indonesia is an expectation in Asia .

"Indonesia has emerged as an expectation . Indonesia has a strong economy , " he said .

The recognition of Malaysia by Irma must be in appreciation . Irma also did not rule out the possibility of cooperation with Malaysia is a way of increasing the Indonesian economy .

" Relations between Indonesia and Malaysia became pertumbuahan term in Southeast Asia . Cooperation cultural and educational technologies in the basis in this build , " said Irma .

In building the economy becomes libel bear again , Irma admits there will be some obstacles . These obstacles include cultural issues .

The inhibiting cultural matter , a matter of culture . In this governence good enforcement culture should be revitalized in order to menyesusaikan system is transparent , " he concluded .


Jakarta Governor : Free Education Student Not Resolve Problems

Jakarta Governor , Joko Widodo , asserted , given free education administration can not solve the problem of students who drop out in the middle of the road . According to him , there are other problems that can not be separated from the needs of the students themselves .

" For example, there is still a matter of clothes, shoes affairs affairs books , transportation affairs that the cost is not small . So free education can not solve the problems that exist , " said Jokowi at Jakarta City Hall , Friday, May 2, 2014 .
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Jokowi said , it is a real problem and should be resolved both the central government and the regions.

" It really concrete to watch and listen to the needs in the community ," she said .

But according to Jokowi , the matter must be accompanied by two things namely the quality of education and competence of teachers . If both are not supported , it will not produce quality students .

" In addition to access to educational services and quality , of course, the competence of teachers and the curriculum should be good , " said Jokowi .