Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ask Jokowi Case Priority Babinsa So Bawaslu

Ask Jokowi Case Priority Babinsa So Bawaslu

Presidential candidate Joko Widodo asked the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) prioritize cases of alleged deployment NCO village guidance (babinsa) homes to assess options for a presidential candidate. According to the man who was familiarly called Jokowi it, people should be given the freedom to choose the president.

"Regarding Babinsa, we ask that more be given priority. Order for our political rights, political rights of citizens protected people," said Jokowi Election Supervisory Body Building, Jakarta, Saturday (06/07/2014).
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Jokowi hope it does not re-occur ahead of the presidential election (presidential) 2014. Bawaslu He also asked a number of follow up smear campaign.

Previously, residents in the area of ​​Central Jakarta troubled by logging on presidential candidate and vice presidential candidates to be selected. Data collection was done by people who claim babinsa members. In the data collection, residents are directed to choose a partner that carried Gerindra, Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has received the report. Presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha said, the movement carried out by unscrupulous babinsa, no command command.

"As far as is known cabin (Head of National Intelligence), not on the orders of a superior command and leadership, may on its own initiative. This should be done for clarification and know very well," he said.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Prabowo - Hatta Volunteers Requested " Door to Door " , Not " Dor - doran "

Prabowo - Hatta winning team in Demak claimed to acquire 60 percent of the vote in the presidential election later on July 9 . Maskuri , chairman Prabowo Winning Team - Hatta Demak , say , if calculated , the number of votes a political party supporting coalition consisting of Gerindra , PAN , Golkar , PKS , PPP , and the UN reached more than 300,000 votes.( Read: usaha aluminium )

The figure becomes an engine of capital for the party to win a pair of Prabowo - Hatta .

" The number of seats the coalition parties in parliament Demak many as 30 seats . Sure we will win , " said Maskuri after the Declaration of Prabowo - Hatta Winning Team in the Office of the DPD Golkar Party , Demak , Wednesday ( 04/06/2014 ) .

In addition to support for Team Red and White party coalition , Prabowo - Hatta also supported by volunteers , which consist of laborers , farmers , community motorcycles , Alliance Cleric Demak , Indonesia Malay Society of Artists ( PAMI ) Demak , a group of fishermen , and Madrasah Teachers Diniyah ( MADIN ) .

" Prabowo is a descendant of the King of Mataram to - 6 , the right to rule over Indonesia . Victory of Demak , we send out to the rest of the archipelago , as he had done the Sultan Fattah , " he stressed .

Meanwhile , Sriyanto Saputra , Vice Chairman of the Winning Team of Central Java , invite the coalition parties to work harder to move the party machine to flow down and political education from door to door to attract the support of the community .

" Indonesia needs a revolutionary leader , not televisioner . Marks a victory sign in front of the eye . Meeting We do not need a lot , but it moves fast , " he said .
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Selected candidates from the Central Java DPRD Gerindra it also asked the volunteers to remain solid , kept together and united , and not compartmentalized to win Prabowo - Hatta .

"No doubt , support for Prabowo - Hatta continued to flow . We must ' door to door ' to the citizens , instead of ' shooting ' ( bam - doran ) , " said Sriyanto .