Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Surgery PKPU mosque outside Java

During the week from 14 to 20 May 2014, the National Humanities Institute PKPU mosque staged a cleanup program in three Indonesian regions outside Java . The third area is Gowa Makassar , Tarakan in East Kalimantan , North Sumatra and Medan .

PKPU center and the branch continues to help Muslims across Indonesia in order to carry out worship in comfort , one of them by repairing damaged mosque so that it becomes more feasible pakai.Juga provide supplies equipment , such as carpet , fan, wudlu , and other - other .

" Fulfilling the rights of fellow Muslims worship a shared responsibility . Complete religious facilities and conducive make hearts find satisfaction , " said Ivan Knight , PKPU Program Manager , in a press release on Tuesday ( 20/5 ) .
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M Earlier , representatives of the citizens of Gowa , say aid cleanup of this mosque , is one example of harmony and form PKPU Humanities Institute and the community . Further enhance the sense of community has and continues to increase religious activities in the mosque

As at Masjid An - Nur , Tarakan , West Kalimantan , on the night pascapengecatan and mounting lights , sunset worshipers doubled . Ta'mir Masjid An Nur reminded that the whole congregation pray for all those who have helped , especially prayer blessing for PKPU donors .

Until now that has dibenah mushala totaled 73 units , spread over 20 provinces , ranging from Aceh to Maluku . In the near future PKPU will target areas of Papua , NTT , and Bali .


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