Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kidnapping Victim Found After 10 Years

A woman who disappeared 10 years ago in the United States when he was 15 years old and finally found to be still alive in the State of California . To the police , she said she had been abducted , held captive , sexually abused , and forced into marriage by a man who was once her mother's boyfriend . The man has now been arrested by police .

The woman , now 25 years old , was abducted in Santa Ana , in southeast Los Angeles ( LA ) , in 2004 by a man who lived with them and his mother 's boyfriend .

The woman finally dared to call the police and the police then arrested the suspect identified as Isidro abductor Garcia ( 41 years ) . According to Santa Ana police said in a statement on Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) , the victim , whose identity was not immediately disclosed , had a chance to escape during the last decade , but he " did not see any way out of the situation " .
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In 2007 , Garcia alleged to have forced her to get married and in 2012 , they had a child .

The brave women finally appeared after recently contacted her sister on Facebook , and " finally get the courage to contact the police . Similarly, the statement said .

Garcia , who lives in Bell Gardens , about 40 miles from Santa Ana in the suburbs of Los Angeles , arrested on charges of kidnapping and rape , sex with minors , and confinement .

The woman disappeared in August 2004 with Garcia . " Garcia drugging the victim and took him to a house in Compton ( remote area in south LA ) , " police said . Once there , he was making false identity documents for the girl and locked in a garage all night to prevent escape of victims . Similarly, the statement added .

" For months and years that followed , Garcia repeatedly told the victim that his family had stopped looking for him , and if he tries to get back to them , their families will be deported . "

Both moved several times to evade a police search .

" Garcia frequent physical and sexual violence to the victim , " police said , adding that Garcia could arrange both work night for cleaning service so that he could keep an eye on the victim .

" While there is a chance to escape , after years of physical and mental violence , the victim did not see any way out of the situation and live with Garcia under physical and mental abuse continuing , " the statement added .

A former neighbor told the LA Times that he never spoke with the victim's mother , shortly before she disappeared . " I talked to his mother about God , " said Silvia Suarez ( 54 years ) . "He said he was having problems with her ​​partner . Daughter seduce his girlfriend convinced him . "

The case has echoes of the three young women were held captive for a decade in Cleveland , Ohio , and was released last year after one of them managed to escape . Their captors , Ariel Castro , were killed hanged himself in prison in September .


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