Friday, March 14, 2014

British girl eating hooked rugs and sofas

British girl eating hooked rugs and sofas
Charlotte Cook , a four -year-old girl Lesmahagow , Lanarkshire , United Kingdom , has autism and Pica syndrome ( likes to eat things other than food ) so she was fond of eating carpet and sofa in her house .
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The Daily Mail newspaper reported on Thursday ( 13/3 ) , Charlotte 's mother , Nikki , to worry about their children 's habits .

" My daughter could not stop eating the couch and carpet , " said Nikki . He was afraid that his son could die .

Charlotte really liked the fabric so that she loved playing and holding her doll .

" He pulled a cloth couch or carpet it with his teeth and swallow it , " said Nikki . She and her husband were very surprised to learn that their daughter started eating the carpet since she was a year . So far doctors have not been able to treat Charlotte .

Pica syndrome characterized by joy to eat things like ice , clay , chalk , dust , or sand . This syndrome affects about 10 to 30 percent of children with autism at the age of one to six years and may cause choking , digestive problems , and infections .

" He also tried to eat the TV remote and the car seat . Problem is she does not remember doing so , " said Nikki . (see also: vitamin burung)

Children with the condition may experience Pica health cases such as poisoning .

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