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History of the Garden

Bogor Botanical Gardens was originally a part of samida ( Artificial Jungle or Garden Artificial ) which is at least an Existing Government In Baduga Sri Maharaja ( King Siliwangi , 1474-1513 ) of the Kingdom of Sunda , As Written In Batutulis inscription . Artificial Jungle It Intended To Protect Environmental Sustainability Interest Area For Wood Preserving Rare Seeds . On the Side samida was contrived Also samida Same Border With Bogor Cianjur ( Jungle Ciung Wanara ) . This jungle After the Kingdom of Sunda Then Skipped defeat of the Sultanate of Banten , until the Governor -General Van Der Capellen Build Holiday Home In Between The angle in the mid - 18 .
(see also: pakan burung)

In the early 1800s the Governor -General Thomas Stamford Raffles , The Occupy Bogor Palace And Has Great Interest In Botany , Page Developing Interested Bogor Palace Gardens The Something So Beautiful . With the Relief Some Specialist Botany , W. Kent , The Co- Build Kew Garden in London , Raffles Juggle Home Garden Palace So Stylish British Classics . This is the Bogor Botanical Gardens Originally Had In Current Form .

In Th . 1814 Olivia Raffles ( wife of Governor -General Thomas Stamford Raffles ) Death Due to Pain And Buried In Batavia . As perpetuation , Monument For him Established In Bogor Botanical Gardens .

Incorporation Inspiration Botanical Beginning Of A Life That Abner Experts Writing Letters On The Governor General GAG Ph . Van Der Capellen . Desires Revealed In Letter That Wants To Land A piece Can Make Useful Plants Gardens , Area Teacher Education , Plant And Collection For Development Other gardens .

Prof . Karl Georg Caspar Reinwardt That Someone Holder Germany The Netherlands Turning Into And So scientists Botany And Chemistry . Then he was appointed Minister of Agriculture So , Art , And Science And Knowledge In Java And Surrounding . He Attracted Investigate Various Plants That Used To Healing . He Took Decision To Raise Whole Plant Something In Bogor Botanical Gardens , The Time That Mean Buitenzorg ( From Bhs Netherlands The Meaningful No Need to Worry ) . Also Reinwardt So Pioneers in the Field of Creation Herbarium . He Then Known As A Founder Bogor-based .

Bogor Botanical Gardens
In Th . May 18, 1817 , the Governor -General Godert Alexander Gerard Philip Van Der Capellen With Official Build the Garden With Name ' S Lands Plantentuin Te Buitenzorg . Plugging swing stance Begins With First Hoes On Earth Padjadjaran For Development The construction Alerts Gardens That , The Implementation Led By Reinwardt Alone , Aided By James Hooper And W. Kent ( From Kew Gardens 's Hot In Richmond , UK ) .

More than 47 hectares of land in Bogor Palace And More Less samida Used To Make The First Botanic Gardens . So Reinwardt His First Steering From 1817 Until 1822. The use of This Opportunity To Raise Plants And Seeds From the Other Side of the archipelago . With Immediate Bogor Agricultural Development Center And So Horticulture in Indonesia . At the moment It is estimated that more than 900 plants planted in the garden of Life .

In Th . Return to the Netherlands in 1822 Reinwardt And Replaced By Dr . Carl Ludwig Blume Inventory What Do Plants Grow In Gardens Collections . He Also Develop The First Successful Gardens catalog number 912 Logged Type ( Species ) Plant . It is used to process Gardens Development Stalled Due to Lack of Funds Initiated But Then Again By Johannes Elias Teysmann ( 1831 ) , A Governor 's Palace Garden Experts General Johannes Van Den Bosch . With Assisted By Karl Justus Hasskarl , he Planting Plants Perform Collection Elompokkan According to Tribe ( Familia ) .

Teysmann Then Replaced By Dr . Rudolph Herman Christiaan Carel Scheffer In Th . 1867 So Director , And Then Followed By Prof . Dr. . Melchior Treub .

The establishment of the Bogor Botanical Gardens Can It says Starting Change Science And Knowledge In Indonesia . Here Born majority Institute of Science and Other Knowledge , As Bibliotheca Bogoriensis ( 1842 ) , Bogor-based ( 1844 ) , Cibodas Botanical Garden ( 1860 ) , Laboratory Treub ( 1884) , as well as well as the Museum of Zoology Laboratory ( 1894 ) .

On May 30, 1868 Date of Bogor Botanical Garden Officially Separated By The governing With Page Bogor Palace .

In the first garden Just It Can Used As Garden Experiments for Plantation Crops that can be introduced to the Dutch East Indies ( Now Indonesia ) . But On The change Also Used As Case Research Scientist At That Period ( 1880-1905 ) .

Bogor Botanical Gardens Natural Always Meaningful Change Under the leadership of Dr. Yang . Carl Ludwig Blume ( 1822 ) , Je . And Dr. Teijsmann . Hasskarl ( Ages Governor General Van Den Bosch ) , JE Teijsmann And Simon Binnendijk , Dr . R. H. C. C. Scheffer ( 1867 ) , Prof. . Dr. . Treub Melchior ( 1881 ) , Dr . Koningsberger Christiaan Jacob ( 1904) , Van Den Hornett ( 1904) , as well as Prof . Ir . Koestono Setijowirjo (1949 ) , The Indonesian man Called First Served The Lead Agencies Research The International Standard .

In Time Leadership Characters That It's Done Making Activities Catalog About the Garden , Complete Recording Subject Collections Plants Cryptogamae , 25 species of gymnosperms , 51 As well as the 2200 Endangered Species Monocotyledonae Dicotyledonae , Absolute Business Economics Introduction to Plant In Indonesia , Collection of Plant - Plant Useful For Indonesia ( 43 Type , Among Vanilla , Coconut Oil , Quinine , gutta-percha , Cane , Cassava , Maize From America , Iron Wood From Palembang well as Borneo ) , And Developing Internal Institutional ermm Namely :

Botany laboratory
garden Experiments
laboratory of Chemistry
Pharmaceutical laboratory
Botanical Branch In Sibolangit , Deli Serdang And In Purwodadi , Pasuruan
And Photographic Library Administration
The establishment of the Academy of Sciences And Fisheries Office ( Ancestor Will Ipb ) .
During the Bogor Botanical Gardens trip Historically Having Various Names And Nicknames, like

' S Lands Plantentuin  (see also: pakan burung parkit)
Syokubutzuer ( Japanese Occupation Period )
Of Buitenzorg Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden Of Indonesia
Gede garden
Houses Gardens


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