Friday, May 2, 2014

Indonesia Could Be Great Powers in Southeast Asia, Origin ..

The strength of the Indonesian economy slowly shows his strength . It was believed to be the Chairman of the Indonesian Regional Representatives Council ( DPD ) , Irman Gusman .

" Actually, we are a major force in Southeast Asia and can be stronger along good governence repaired , " he said in Jakarta , Friday ( 2/5 ) .
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According to him , governence good repair can be done by doing the eradication of corruption . Good governence also will be stronger when the system through prevention rather reflesif alone . When we do all , he added , Indonesia could become larger and more advanced .

Indonesia opportunity to talk a lot in Asia is not impossible . Irma said that Indonesia belongs to the Asian country that is able menghelat world economic growth .

" Asia is a very dynamic region dalah menghelat growth potential driven world China, India and Southeast Asia . Indonesia in this regard ( Southeast Asia ) became a major force , " he explained .

Malaysian opposition leader , Anwar Ibrahim also recognizes the strength of the Indonesian economy . He said Indonesia is an expectation in Asia .

"Indonesia has emerged as an expectation . Indonesia has a strong economy , " he said .

The recognition of Malaysia by Irma must be in appreciation . Irma also did not rule out the possibility of cooperation with Malaysia is a way of increasing the Indonesian economy .

" Relations between Indonesia and Malaysia became pertumbuahan term in Southeast Asia . Cooperation cultural and educational technologies in the basis in this build , " said Irma .

In building the economy becomes libel bear again , Irma admits there will be some obstacles . These obstacles include cultural issues .

The inhibiting cultural matter , a matter of culture . In this governence good enforcement culture should be revitalized in order to menyesusaikan system is transparent , " he concluded .


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