Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Analyst: Windows XP Still ATM Safe Used

REDMOND - Operating system Windows XP dead leaves of various concerns due to system vulnerabilities from viruses and malware . The most terrible is the ATM machine operating system Windows XP . But should we be worried ?

As is known , in early 2014 BussinesWeek reports said as many as 95 percent of ATM machines around the world still run Windows XP . Today, some reports said some banks had to upgrade to his ATM machine . From Windows XP to a newer OS .

Windows XP no longer receive security protection from Microsoft feared could be exploited by cyber criminals on the ATM machine . The bank's customers can also feared stolen account numbers and pin numbers then drained his savings . But actually like what facts ?
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An expert from the UK banking for Wincor Nixdorf working , Ian Byrne , said ATMs with Windows XP operating system will remain secure even if the operating system itself has expired since the last 8 April 2014 .

" Working with Microsoft , the company embed the Windows XP operating system that is specific to the ATM machine , " said Byrne . " We have a series of security system to lock full access . Anyone during this case happens to hacking ATMs with Windows XP operating system ? " Byrne further doubt , as quoted by the Guardian , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Byrne said that the ATM horrors Windows XP operating system was grossly overstated . " Look at the context. At regular computer , use the email service , Office , and web browsing . , But Windows XP does not have ATM outgoing connections are like in general , and it is perfectly adequate as a secure key . The company did not connect to the internet bank open , they use their own network , " he said .

Therefore , further Byrne , upgrade to Windows 7 or even Windows 8 is somewhat less efficient to do banking business . " We have not seen any benefit from this migration ( migration to Windows XP ) , " added Byrne .


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