Friday, April 25, 2014

Google et al Unite Against Heartbleed

Terror membuah Heartbleed not only excited the world of internet security , but also slapped a number of companies such as Google and friends . This is mainly because of so many web security relies on OpenSSL to the site .

Well , to prevent such things do not happen again , any number of Internet giants unite to create such a force called the Core Infrastructure Initiative duty to prevent such things do not happen again .
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Google , Facebook , Microsoft , Amazon , Cisco and many more are committed to provide funds amounting to USD 100 thousand per year for three years .

" After the crisis we Heartbleed ask yourself : How could this happen and what role the Linux Foundation to ensure it does not happen again , " said Amanda McPherson , Linux Foundation , as quoted from Softpedia , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) .

" We decided to do what we always do : work with industry to raise money and fund direct developers so they can do the best , " he continued .

Overall, there are about 13 companies that have joined so far , and the agency has collected U.S. $ 3.6 million from supporters . More and more companies will join the course over time , so the more money that will be collected .

As reported earlier , a bug named Heartbleed it could reveal sensitive data that is stored on the server's memory , and more danger again , the hackers could do a ' duplicate key ' to decrypt the encrypted data of each technology through OpenSSL .

Ironically , the bug is discovered just a few weeks ago , but the gap has been explored almost two years ago . OpenSSL encryption technology is also the most widely used , 2 of the 3 sites often used the system .

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