Thursday, April 10, 2014

Calculate Real, Superior PDIP 56 Percent Votes in Solo

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle with a resounding victory in Solo , Central Java . In the area of ​​origin Jokowi it , PDIP able to achieve up to 56 percent sound .

Based on the results of the calculation while in office DPC PDIP Solo, the party bearing the bull wins evenly . " We won in all the districts , " said the clerk of data , Dian Kurniadi , when met Thursday afternoon , 10 April 2014 .

According to him , PDIP biggest win in District Jebres . In the area PDIP able to collect the sound by up to 62 percent . While most thin victory occurred in District Laweyan with 43 ​​percent of the vote . " If we gain averaged 55 to 56 percent , " he said .

According to Dian , the data collected from 80 percent of polling stations in the city of Solo . The total number of polling stations in the city reached 1,371 . " We are still awaiting the arrival of data is 20 percent , " he said .
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PDIP also recorded victories in the calculation performed by the Post Volunteer Application Witness ( APSI ) . Volunteers formed by one of the Democratic National Party politicians calculate that the PDI-P is able to reap 56.98 percent .

Victory PDIP very far left of the vote the other party . In the second position , the Golkar Party was only able to collect 9.55 percent , while Gerindra ranks third with 6.75 percent of the vote .

According to one officer post , Ponco Wibowo , they have collected data from about 40 per cent of polling stations in Solo . " But the possibility of his position will not be much change , " he said .


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