Thursday, April 17, 2014

Scientists: Artists Have Unique Brain Structure

A new study finds , the artist appears to have structurally different brains than people who are not steeped in the art world . NeuroImage published studies show , the talent of an artist can be a congenital .

" Notwithstanding that , exercise and discipline acquired from the environment certainly plays an important role in honing the skills of artists , " said one of the researchers involved in the study , Dr. Rebecca Chamberlain , as quoted by the BBC , Thursday ( 17/4 ) .

Belgium 's Leuven University scientists said that his team has examined the brain 21 students explore the science of art . Then compare it to the brain nonseniman 23 students .

This study uses a scanning method called voxel - based morphometry . The result is an art student has more nerve elements in areas that control fine motor movements and visual imagery in their brain .

"People who are able to draw or paint well , seems to really have a structure that is more developed in some parts of their brains . Especially in areas that control memory performance procedural or fine motor skills , " he explained .

In addition , Chamberlain said , the scan results also reveal that the artist has a number of gray matter is more significant in the region called the precuneus in the parietal lobes of their brains .
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" This region is involved in a variety of functions related to creativity . Such as the ability to manipulate , combine , and analyze visual images in your brain , " he said .


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