Tuesday, April 29, 2014

IPhone 6 Predicted body thin as an iPod Touch

Rumors about Apple's latest mobile presence , iPhon 6 , continues to circulate quickly . Now the most recent issue said thickness iPhone 6 will not be much different from the current iPod Touch .

Based on the rumors that are circulating in cyberspace before, the dimensions of the iPhone 6 many times said to have a very thin thickness . But apparently the latest news denying that the iPhone 6 is not as thin as heralded .

Based on the report quoted UnboxTherapy , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) , the iPhone 6 is expected to have a thickness of approximately the same body with the iPod Touch .
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This is evidenced by the iPhone 5S unpair the phone that allegedly the iPhone 6 . Next generation phone from Apple seems one quarter thinner than the iPhone 5S .

However , citing Ubergizmo , phones thinner iPhone 6 is almost certain to be realized . Because Apple always release a new smart phone with a thickness that is increasingly slim .

Rumors about the iPhone that is thinner thickness and width of the screen is the growing incessantly in cyberspace . Previous rumors leaked photos show iPhone casing 6 with wider screen and thinner .

Apple 's latest phone is expected to slide in two versions , namely the series phone with 4.7 inches wide , and one poinsel phablet ( phone tablet ) sail 5.7 inch iPhone .


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