Saturday, April 19, 2014

In Lebak, A Woman Alone deprived Family

Had to get a pathetic treatment , a patient suffering from a mental disorder deprived victims initials YT ( ​​28 ) Pasirtangkil Village residents , District Warunggunung , Lebak , Banten province was finally released from the shackles of stocks and evacuated to receive medical rehabilitation treatment at the Mental Hospital ( RSJ ) Dr. . Suharto Herdjan , Sky View , Jakarta .

Evacuation of a childless woman is carried Volunteer team Anti airborne ( RAP ) Maternity Hospital ( RSB ) Jewel 's mother , Pandeglang with RSJ Roving Unit Psychiatry Sky View , Jakarta attending the patient's family residence in Kampung Kare'es , Thursday ( 17/4 ) afternoon at around 14:50 pm .
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According to Ena ( 25 ) YT younger brother , the family was forced to shackle the feet YT with wooden beams behind his house , because often raging and always wanted to run away from home .

" Since two months ago my brother had an accident , so his leg wounds and severe stress condition . But if deprived of such new two weeks , "said Ena .
He said the leg wound treated YT actually being pursued both in the hospital and through the local health officer , but never healed . "If in the house , dianya often raging and banging his wound , so that the wound does not heal , " he explained .

Ena revealed , his family had to face the disaster experienced prustasi YT , before finally heard from the local clinic staff if his brother would soon be taken to the psychiatric hospital for intensive care Sky View .

Chairman of Psychiatry Roving Team Sky View RSJ , dr . Isa Multazam , Sp.KJ who came to say , in a state other than the state YT stuck when the beam is found the patient 's legs are injured . " There's like a broken leg , broken bones just closed . I think the patient can still be taken to the hospital , " said dr . Isa Multazam accompanied Baros Nurses Health Center , Warunggunung subdistrict , Lebak Enah Nurjanah .

The Mental Health Specialist Doctor says , YT handling will be done by two phases of wound healing physical and mental treatment . "I'll go in first hospitalization because no wound pain , and then handling mental , " said Head Installation RSJ Keswamas the Sky View .

He added that , based on information from the patient's family and the cases are found in people , a lot of practice deprivation occurs because of aggressive behavior with mental disorders are often feared membayakan raging and safety of others , as well as his own family members .
Many cases of deprivation

Meanwhile , the Anti airborne Volunteer Coordinator ( RAP ) Hj . May Wijaya , SKM , MARS said , what happened to YT still prevalent in society . " Deprivation experienced by many families going on mentally ill people , not just here , " said volunteer who actively seek stocks victim to the region 's Pandeglang and Lebak .

He thinks the family decision shackle people with mental disorders due to a lack of information regarding the prohibition of the deprivation practices in violation of Human Rights ( HAM ) . " It's also because they still lack access to mental health services that should be known to the citizens , " said May that claimed hundreds of victims have been deprived of the volunteers were released in the last two years .

May reveal , in this day 6 it also frees the deprivation of other victims who were in the area Pandeglang . " Victims of deprivation that we will be freed and evacuated to a psychiatric hospital in the district spread Bojong , Cimanuk , Kaduhejo , Karangtanjung and District Pandeglang , " he said .

May asserts , deprived victims will receive intensive psychiatric care and under the full supervision of a doctor for a mental health professional in the psychiatric hospital , Sky View , Jakarta . Even after recovering , he continued , the patient will be delivered back home to their families by the RSJ Sky View . " They are all free of charge , simply complete the requirements of a family card ( KK ) , Identity Card ( KTP ) and the local health center and Card Referral BPJS , " said volunteer 's mother Jewel was made ​​by RSB .


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