Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rare Animals Sellers Sentenced to Three Months Jail

The defendant owner and seller of rare species types Javan , Moch Syukron Farhani was sentenced to three months imprisonment by the District Court of Semarang .

In a session led by Chief Judge Mariyana in Semarang District Court on Tuesday , Pakintelan Village residents , District Gunungpati , Semarang , it is also required to pay a fine of Rp2 million which if not met will be replaced with a sentence of two months imprisonment .
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The judge handed down the punishment lighter than the prosecutor's demand for four months in prison .

In its decision , the judge declared the defendant guilty of violating Indonesian Law No. 8 of 1990 on Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems .

" The defendant intentionally keep, own, maintain , and memperniagakan manifold Javan wildlife protected by the Act , " he said .

In addition , he said , the defendant actually knew that his actions do not support the Government in the protection of endangered species .

Responding to the verdict , the defendant did not receive legal counsel states .

Previously , the defendant was arrested while going to sell the rare animals to the undercover officer .

Three -month -old endangered species are planned to be sold at a price of Rp 4, 4 million .


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