Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Proven Ahok words, Gerindra outperform MCC in Jakarta

Tjahaja Basuki Purnama never challenged young cadres who oppose MCC became Governor of Jakarta , to see the voting results that will outperform MCC Gerindra in Jakarta in 2009 legislative elections . Greeting Vice Governor of Jakarta was proved .

Based on the manual calculation in Jakarta KPU coming up on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) night , the MCC is in the order of three , both for seats on the City Council and the House of Representatives . Gerindra are in it , the second order .

For the vote on the election of the City Council , Gerindra get 14.17 percent of the vote , equivalent 355 843 votes, while the MCC to 9.34 percent of the vote , equal voice 234 467 .

The vote for the House of Representatives , Gerindra 13.59 percent of the vote , equal voice 341 698 . MCC received 10.71 percent of the vote , equal voice 269 417 .

On Tuesday , the valid votes that have been recapitulated in Jakarta KPU reached 2,514,588 and 2,510,665 for the election of the House of Representatives votes for city council seats . The data will be combined with the incoming voice data on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) and other sounds that have not been entered .

Previously , Basuki asserted that he was not discouraged by the rejection made ​​by a group of people to plan her appointment as the governor of Jakarta . The man who was familiarly called this Ahok firmly stated that he is not a politician " yesterday afternoon " which sank when bullied .

" They forget Ahok was not born today . Ahok was already ngalamin from 2003 , when the UN was attacked in East Belitung ( Crescent Star Party ) . They forget Ahok 's been ten years as it is pressed . So , which is too small and too subtle game , "said Basuki , at City Hall on Wednesday ( 26/03/2014 ) .

Basuki assess if a group of people who reject most only come from the MCC . At that time , he challenged the party to compete with Gerindra in the upcoming election .
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" That 's just not like MCC . PKS tests only at Gerindra , who later won in Jakarta , " he said .


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