Friday, April 18, 2014

TNI members Loggers Threatened Forests 10 Years in Prison

TNI members Loggers Threatened Forests 10 Years in Prison
TOKYO - Members of the TNI , Master Sergeant ( Sergeant ) Sudikdo , who became the boss of illegal logging in Riau were tried in the Military Court of the I - 03 in Padang , West Sumatra .

Military Judge Advocate , Marine Lt. Col. KH I Komang Suciawan , read the indictment to the sergeant Sudikdo before Chief Judge Lt. Col. CHK Kirto with members SUS Yanto Ferdiayanto Major and Major CHK Musthofa .
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The Assembly declared , Sudikdo is forest encroachers in Tasik Serai Village , District Edge , Bengkalis , Riau .

" At the time of operation of Army intelligence team of Korem 031 Wira Milky find logs that have been rectangular with a length of three meters , " said Prosecuting Attorney .

Witness Sergeant Sermardi said , according to the local communities that belong to sergeant Sudikdo timber .

" The wood is pulled by a boat passing through the trench pompons engine , already tied - belt length . The wooden ties approximately 600 meters . Polynomial , "said Sermardi .

When securing the timber , intel team met with members of the rank of corporal . " We invited directly to the stalls to eat noodles and drink . The defendant stated in the wood shop is on the order Danrem , "said Semardi .

However , when the witness told the defendant that they diperintahk Danrem to investigate the origin of the wood . " The defendant went , security continues to be done . After the timber was transported to Makorem , we resumed combing the area , " he said .

The result is known at logging sites still exist chainsaw chainsaws , tractors and other equipment .

Chief Judge Lt. Col. CHK Kirto , asking witnesses presented testimony from the defendant's trial counsel . " Is it true witness like that? " He asked Sudikdo .

Sudikdo denied if the wood was hers . " I never said that the timber belongs to me . That's just my mind sir judge , " he said .

Judge Advocate Marine Lt. Col. KH I Komang Suciawan explained , according to witness testimony that cleared the area of approximately 1,200 hectares defendant allegedly conservation area .

" The perpetrator was arrested on March 13, 2013 . So this is not a case of forest fire case in 2014 , but illegal logging , " he said at the break .

According to I Komang , the case was still being developed to determine whether the defendant participated burn forest or not . In addition , the defendant also still entangled case of hoarding fuel in Riau in 2005 .

" In this trial the defendant in the meshes of Article 78 paragraph 2 and 5 , Act No. 41 of 1999 on Forestry and Article 56 of the Criminal Code of the threat of 10 years in prison and a fine of Rp 5 billion , " he said .

Session presented seven witnesses , five of the military and two civilians , one of them the head of the local village .


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